Street Food, Drinks, and Travel

Street Food, Drinks, and Travel

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  • Special Brew

    What is Special Brew?

    What is Special Brew? It is a super strength lager, famously drunk by alcoholics. It is not very nice, but it is also quite frankly an institution. This is the story of Special Brew What is Special Brew? Everyone now and again a site, sound, smell, or indeed taste can […] More

  • Brod Guide
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    The Great Brod Guide

    Brod is a hidden gem of the hidden gem of Kosovo. Here is the eating and drinking Brod Guide. Kosovo is a very controversial place. Home to people who consider themselves Albanian they were involved in a bitter war with Serbia. The west intervened and they became independent. This set […] More

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    Traveling Overland from Iran to Armenia (and street food)

    It is now almost 9 years since I was raveling Overland from Iran to Armenia. Formerly this was the edge of the Iron Curtain and a journey few had taken, certainly of the backpacking variety. The trip came about as we had just finished YPT’s second ever tour of Iran. […] More

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    What do you eat in Antarctica?

    What do you eat in Antarctica? Many years ago I was lucky enough to visit Antarctica with YPT. Should all things come to pass we will be going back there in 2022. You can read about our Antarctica Tour here. But what is the food like when you do an […] More

  • Hooters

    Which countries do and don’t have Hooters?

    Which countries do and don’t have Hooters? Say what you want about them, but it is very much an institution, and not only an institution, but now a global phenomenon. Tacky? Sure, but also much like people used to read Playboy “for the articles” Hooters is somewhere people go “for […] More

  • Prahok
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    Amazing Prahok – Khmer Classics

    Amazing Prahok. You have not been to Cambodia if you have not tried the fermented fish sauce. In fact if you have been here you have more than likely tried it whether you like it, or not! What is prahok? What is prahok? Prahok is fermented fish sauce. It is […] More

  • What is congee?
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    What is congee?

    What is congee? Previously I would have said my least favorite food in Asia, but the longer I stay here and the more congee is forced upon me, the more I have started to “accept it”. Note I am not yet saying “like”. What is Congee? Congee in its loosest […] More

  • Khmer Breakfast

    Cambodian Food – Best Khmer Breakfast

    When it comes to Cambodian food, what is a Khmer breakfast? Being English you do not get to be too snobby when it comes to food. Our imprint on the culinary world is mostly two things, fish and chips and the English Breakfast. So, when I say “too snobby” we […] More

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    Watching Football in Cambodia

    Watching football in Cambodia was not something I had on my to do list, but now having almost been here for one year, you start to explore different things. The Forward Together Cup This is pre-season in Cambodia, so that means pre-season freidnles and tournaments, this was to be a […] More

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    Wimpy – the original Burger Franchise

    Did you know that Wimpy were the original American fast-food franchise? Maybe not, which will mean you are probably not as old as me. Fun fact I once had a birthday party at Wimpy UK. I still remember Mr Wimpy making my day! Where can I get a one then? […] More

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