Street Food, Drinks, and Travel

Street Food, Drinks, and Travel

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  • Sora Khmer Rum
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    Sora Khmer Rum

    Having tried the rather awful Khmer whisky I was tempted to give up on my Cambodian moonshine quest until I ended up at a closing down sale. One of the few positives about this whole COVID-19 thing is the odd closing down sale. Thus I was thrust into the liquor […] More

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    The Pailin Travel Guide

    As part of our trip to Anlong Veng and the bunker of Pol Pot we also took in the former Khmer Rouge stronghold of Pailin. What’s the score with Pailin? Situated on the boarder between Cambodia and Thailand it was formerly the capital of The Provisional Government of National Union […] More

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    Khmer Whisky

    When I move to any new country I feel it only prudent and correct to try the local alcohol of the nation. Thus when moving to Cambodia I decided to do the same. Most countries of the world have their own brew and Asia is no different. China has baijiu […] More

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    A Guide to Anlong Veng

    When I first left China on February 7th to escape coronavirus and without the knowledge of how serious it would become, I decided to arrange a research trip. Said trip would have me taking in various places in South-East Asia, whilst finishing in Anlong Veng in northern Cambodia. Alas COVID-19 […] More

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    Crowne Chicken Siem Reap

    You’d think that with businesses generally closing and a lack of tourists this wouldn’t be the best time to open a restaurant, but that’s what these guys did! From what I can gather crowne chicken are basically floor 2 of the building, but on the first floor they’ve now opened […] More

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    Bukkake Udon noodles

    I literally can’t handle it anymore! No longer will photos of bukkake udon noodles in a menu amuse me enough. I have to eat said noodles and write semi-amusing innuendo ridden blog about them. Bukkake udon noodles are part of the cold noodle family we have previously covered, but let’s […] More

  • The Live Corner Siem Reap

    The Live Corner – Siem Reap

    I’ve decided to move from my “best x in Siem Reap” style blog for once and simply just review one of my favorite restaurants in Siem Reap, Live Corner. Live Corner Siem Reap is located on the corner street (would you guess) of Pub Street. This is one of the […] More

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