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How to eat fish and chips

Growing up fish and chips was a big deal to a Londoner, particularly on Fridays (something to do with god). Aside from a kebab proper English fish and chips is one of my first go to foods when I’m in the UK. Here’s how to eat the original British street food, from the original street food guy!

What is fish and chips?

cod and chips
Cod and chips

It’s fish (duh), usually cod, although haddock, rock and skate are all found in a British chippy.

Is fish and chips served on newspaper?

No, and it hasn’t for a long long time, but it used to be in the old days. Turns out ink and chips don’t mix.

What are chips?

sausage and chips
Sausage and chips, saveloy and chips at Ron Woods in Leysdown

Chips and french fries are distant cousins, not brothers. A chip is thick cut, deep fried and a bit greasy.

What condiments does chips go with?

burger sauce
Burger sauce, and garlic sauce
chips and gravy rock
Chips and gravy rock!

Salt and vinegar, yes we put vinegar on chips. It’s freaking awesome. Try it. Also, and although usually associated with kebabs we like burger sauce, and garlic sauce.

I wonder where that fish did go, a fishy fishy fishy oh!

cod with tartare sauce
Cod with tartare sauce

Fish is deep fried in batter, and eaten with tartare sauce.

What if I don’t like fish?

saveloy and chips in leysdown
Saveloy and chips in Leysdown

Burgers, sausages, deep friend sausages, and saveloy. A saveloy is a very English sausage generally only found in a chippy. The bright red saveloy was originally made with pig breaths, but is now just regular pork. Saveloy and chips is my go to food.

What else do I need to know?

picked gherkin
A picked gherkin, or wally

Every chippy has its nuances, but my favourites are mushy pea fritters, and a pickled egg!

Is fish and chips fine dining?

It’s fine dining, street food and everything in between.

But how do I eat fish and chips?

Easy tiger! We eat it like sophisticats! From the paper, in the streets, and with our hands. This is real deal Street Food UK!

Your favourite chip shop?

Anchor Sea Fry in Lordswood! If for nothing else, the memories of a Street Food Guy!

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