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What is a pickled egg?

What is a pickled egg? Long answer short, freaking awesome that’s what it is!

Alas, that will not honor the google gods, so let me explain about pickled eggs, and why they are so very wonderful, and British.

Pub culture has really changed in the UK, pubs are closing at an alarming rate (with the exception of the microbrewery phenomenon), and it is rare to find a “classic” pub that doesn’t serve food, but back in the day food in a pub was crisps, and pickled eggs. That was it, and yes for many years I did live on these two foods alone, except for pool night, or Sunday when they’d have bar snacks. Like normal, I digress……

So, the pickled egg. First, you boil a bunch of eggs and then peel them. Easy enough. With said peeled eggs you then basically throw them into a bowl of vinegar, and ideally, at least, wait. Apparently the best quality eggs are left from 3-4 months.

Aside from vinegar, you can also add stuff like salt, pepper, and if you really want to be sexy monkey pepper! Spicy pickled eggs are frankly amazing.

Traditionally eggs were pickled to preserve them, but nowadays it has been worked out that they just go really really well with drinking, and are popular in bars and taverns the world over (not just in the UK).

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Sadly as the world has gone all hipster you rarely see them in the bars of the UK now, although I did spot them in the micro pub on Sheppey, and of course, they are still a firm favorite in our fish and chip shops.

Sadly I have never been able to achieve proper pickled eggs as I make them, come home drunk, and end up eating them before they pickle, meaning its basically a boiled egg dipped in vinegar. If only I could learn……..

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