Tips For Using Trains at Euro 2024: A German Train Guide

Euro 2024 is underway, and Germany is set to host one of the most thrilling European Football Championships in recent history.

For England fans travelling to support the Three Lions, navigating Germany’s extensive train network is a must. Here are some tips to ensure you make the most of your journey and enjoy a smooth travel experience.

Be proactive: Book train tickets in advance

First and foremost, book train tickets in advance. Germany’s rail system is highly efficient and popular, especially during major events like Euro 2024. By securing your tickets early, you’ll not only guarantee a seat but also potentially save money.

Deutsche Bahn, Germany’s national railway company, offers discounts for early bookings, and prices can increase significantly closer to the date of travel. This site is like the German version of National Rail.

Plan your routes and schedules ahead of time, and make use of online platforms to purchase your tickets well before your departure date.

Understanding the rail system

Germany boasts an impressive rail network, including high-speed Intercity-Express (ICE) trains, Intercity (IC) trains, and Regional trains. ICE trains are the fastest and most comfortable option for long-distance travel, connecting major cities like Berlin, Munich, and Frankfurt. IC trains are also suitable for long-distance journeys but make more stops. Regional trains are perfect for shorter trips and provide connections to smaller towns and cities.

When planning your journey, consider the travel time and frequency of trains. ICE trains run frequently between major cities and can significantly reduce travel time. However, during peak times, these trains can be crowded, so it’s advisable to book train tickets in advance to ensure a comfortable journey.

Navigating major train stations during Euro 2024

Germany’s major train stations, such as Berlin Hauptbahnhof, Munich Hauptbahnhof, and Frankfurt Hauptbahnhof, are well-organised and equipped with ample amenities. These stations have clear signage in both German and English, making it easier for international travellers to navigate. Upon arrival, check the departure boards for the latest information on your train’s platform and schedule.

Each major station also offers various dining options, shops, and services like luggage storage. Take advantage of these facilities, especially if you have a long wait between connections. Additionally, most train stations provide free Wi-Fi, which can be useful for checking train schedules or contacting fellow travellers.

Travelling in a group at the Euros?

If you’re travelling with a group of fellow supporters, consider purchasing group tickets. Deutsche Bahn offers discounts for groups, making it a cost-effective option. Make sure to book these tickets in advance to secure seats together and benefit from the group rates.

For larger groups, reserving an entire compartment can be a fun and convenient way to travel. Compartments offer privacy and the chance to enjoy the journey together without disturbing other passengers. Be mindful of your noise levels, especially during evening travel, to ensure a pleasant experience for everyone on board.

Be prepared for delays

While Germany’s trains are known for their punctuality, delays can happen, especially during a major event like Euro 2024. Keep an eye on real-time updates via the Deutsche Bahn app or website. Having a backup plan and knowing alternative routes can help you stay on track even if your initial plans are disrupted.

Remember to book train tickets in advance, familiarise yourself with the rail system, and make the most of the journey. With these tips in mind, you’ll be well on your way to supporting England and enjoying all that Germany has to offer. Safe travels and come on, England!

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