The Great Street Food Kratie Guide

Street Food Kratie! It has been a while, but I am back writing about the street food of rural Cambodian towns!

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What the Kratie?

Kratie is a small town on the Mekong. Folk come here to see pink dolphins. Or at least they used to be. Post-Covid it is a bit of a ghost town now. You can see the desperation, particularly with the Tuk-Tuk drivers.

They do though have a lot of street food, much of it centered around the market and of course the Mekong River.

In many respects it reminded me of the Street Food in Stung Treng, which you can read about here..

Onwards and upwards! To street food Kratie

Street Food Kratie – riverside

On the riverside you will find all the classics and even ice-cream! Theres a bit of BBQ, but it certainly lacked the life of Stung Treng. No street beers for example. Maybe they had taken Christmas off?

Street eats – Central Market Kratie

As is common in these kind of small towns most of the street food action is located around the central market. The central market here is far from huge, but there are plenty of BBQ joints you can sit and eat and drink cheaply. Main staples are the big pieces of Khmer chicken and a lot of river fish.

The river fish went from the small ones on a big stick that you eat whole. In Khmer they are called (ត្រីកញ្ចុះ =Trey Kanhjus) . Apparently they are not available the big city, but are more of a rural thing. The fish are deep fried, but only lightly which means they are not overly crispy. They make a great little walk along snack and unlike most barang I have no issue wolfing down the head.

Kratie Main Road

If you stay at River Dolphin Hotel you are not that close to the Mekong. I’ll deal with this hotel in a later article….

Roughly 1.6km away. This means getting back involves a walk. Happily it involves a walk down a street food haven. This road has everything from burgers to almost every street food dish you would expect from a Cambodian street. This is the place for Kratie street food.


Yes they have lort cha, which you can read about here .

If you’ve  had my previous blogs you may have read about how I lost my shit on a flight with Air China from New Zealand when I was served porridge.

You can read about porridge here .

Porridge has actually grown on me, well Asians style anyway. You can add whatever spice you want and pretty much have it your way. I had chicken porridge, which I had added chili, lemon, pepper, fish sauce and even sugar! I was not so keen on the sugar element, but hey why not.

I could very much see myself losing myself and a lo of time on this street.

The Kratie Street Food Scene

For such a small town pretty good and eclectic enough to keep me entertained.

Thumbs up to Kratie Street Food

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