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How to lose weight in Asia (advice from a fat guy).

Believe it, or not my multitute of loyal fans never message me to ask how to lose weight in Asia, but really they should, as over the last 6 months i was able to drop two shirt sizes (true story).

Here’s my advice for avoiding piling on the pounds during an Asian food odyssey!

Ok, so Asia is a big place, so in general on this blog I’ll concentrate on east Asia, China, and South-East Asia. Few travellers come to this part of the world and don’t become food junkies. The sites and smells of the food are enough to make anyone a convert. It is therefore very natural to end up either concerned about your weight, or just getting fat.

Here’s my fat mans guide to staying slim in Asia.

Eat less!

Balut is healthy

This might sound obvious, but portions on Asia tend to be small and filling. Especially if there’s more than one of you, go for quality, not quantity.

Avoid the beer (and mixers)

Don’t drink cocktails

As the proud father of a mighty beer belly I am living proof of the devil that is alcohol. Most countries have their own liquor. Drink the liquor and avoid mixers. Bai Jiu anyone?

There’s no dairy

coconut / coconut milk
Got (coconut) milk?

Generally speaking there’s next to no dairy in Asia, if you don’t seek it out anyway. Soy milk isn’t as bad as it sounds…

Avoid rice and bread

Pizza is not keto friendly

Rice is the devil carb, and lets be honest it’s boring. In 13 years in Asia I’ve eaten very little rice. If nothing simply don’t over indulge in rice. Avoid all bread period.

Keto is easy in Asia

dog meat in hanoi
Dog meat in Hanoi

I freaking love the keto diet. Keto in Asia means just eating meat. BBQ in Asia is a bid deal. Keeping on a high protein diet in Asia is quite easy, and you will lose weight in Asia with keto.

Eat spicy foods

spicy hot-pot
Spicy hot-pot

Spicy foods make you sweat, and eat slower. Both of these aide not being a Fatty Fatty Chicken

Fruit juice isn’t good for you

hibiscus juice
Hibiscus juice is bad for you (sorry)

Sorry to say it, but juice is full of sugar no matter how healthy it might seem. Instead drink water with lime! For me I now drink a lot of soda water with lime. Soda water with fruit is the best cheat drink for the soda queen.

Raw fish is good

tuna tataki
Tuna tataki in Angeles City

Raw fish (and meat) is the healthiest food, AND best tasting on the planet. Go sashimi crazy in Asia. I’m a particular fan of kinilaw (Filipino ceviche).

Everything in moderation, particularly moderation

castle freak star Clair Catherine
Castle Freak star Clair Catherine

Eat, drink, dance and be merry! Sure you need to moderate, but every now and again go crazy to avoid going crazy (trade marked quote).

Sadly the street food guy isn’t very good at moderation….

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