What is it like to stay at the River Dolphin Hotel?

The River Dolphin Hotel is one of the two listed hotels on the main hotel apps for Kratie, Cambodia. Turns out there are a lot more hotels and guesthouses here, they are just not listed.

Thus the River Dolphin Hotel is not to be confused with the River Dolphin Guesthouse, or the Silver Dolphin Hotel. Technically this kinda makes it the second most “posh” hotel in Kratie. Thus you can pay by card.

Cost of River Dolphin Hotel

The main decent rooms are just under $30 a night. Basically expensive for a rural hotel in Cambodia. Rooms have big beds, nice enough bathroom and a flat screen TV. And a balcony to smoke!

And the hotel facilities?

OK, so we need to accept Covid-19 times, but they promise free drop-off to town. Turns out they are broken down. You are then promised a driver for $1, he asks for $3. A bit annoying.

Again the tour services listed tend to be more expensive than just doing it DIY style. Not that common, but again…

They have a swimming pool

The oone saving grace about the River Dolphin Hotel in Kratie is the swimming pool, although it has seen better days. That being said I have seen worse maintained pools in Cambodia.

Tuk Tuk Restaurant Kratie

I have seen this throughout Cambodia during the virus, so again I won’t hang them for this. The pool though was not all well maintained. In some way less is more, look after it, or remove it. That being said I still swam in it. And again to be fair I have seen much worse in my travels, such as in Pailin.

Tuk Tuk Restaurant and River Dolphine Hotel are one and the same. The restaurant /bar is the 7the best in the city according to Trip Advisor , apparently. Food was decent enough, but i’ll cover in more detail later.

Most interestingly the 2 for 1 5-7 happy hour seemed to draw the small amount of expats that do call this place home.

Overall on River Dolphin Hotel

It was decent enough for the money and you could pay by card. In reality the best bere though is to rock up and explore. Old school pre-app backpacker style. I remember doing this back in Cao Bang in Vietnam.

Had this been done I would have ended up at Sorya Guesthouse , who have spacious doubles for as little as $10.

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