Food at Guilin West Railway Station

Ah, good old Guilin, a place i used to call home. It’s amazing how you can get meloncoly about a place, but then actually visit, and this remember why you left. Welcome to Guilin.

Guilin West is the third railway station of Guilin and is located slap bang in the arse end of nowhere. There’s no real restaurants to speak of around the station, rather the usual crap Guangxi Speciality Stores, which much like Buddha, and Santa simply don’t exist.

I ended up heading into town. getting ripped off by a dodgy meter, and essentially spending 30 dollars on fried noodles. To be fair Guilin fried noodles are pretty good.

So, as to the station itself there’s a tea/coffee shop that has rice and meat dishes that looked like cancer. Even as the street food guy i could not bring myself to try it.

And that’s the story for Guilin West Railway station, avoid it of possible…..

Next stop Beihai, and I sincerely hope some top street food jollies!

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