Stone Head Durian Beer

Stone Head Durian Beer, or to give it its more grandiose title “Durian Cahnee Weizen” was something I recently discovered in Phnom Penh. Durian is one of those things you either love, or hate, I fall into the former category. Durian and beer together though? Apparently not only should it not work, but apparently can kill you, although my Cambodian partner assures me it is coke and durian that kills rather than beer with the stinky fruit.

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Who makes this crazy concoction?

One of the things that amazed me when I forced to relocate to Cambodia was just how good the local craft beer scene was, particularly when compared with China.

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There are  a number of craft beer bars throughout the country and as well as fine brews imported from Vietnam and Thailand, both with longer craft beer scenes, there is also a burgeoning scene now in Cambodia.

Stone Head Brewery create some of the best craft beers in Cambodia from their home in Koh Kong, with some quality brews including “Smiling Evil” and American style Pale Ale, Gancore IPA and of course the subject of today’s article, Durian Beer.

You can check out the Stone Head website here

Is Durian Beer any good?

 Durian Beer
Durian Beer

OK, so does durian with beer kill you? Maybe it is true, or maybe it is an urban myth, but both bloat you in the same way, yes that is right if your gorge on durian you get the same feeling as knocking back 5 pints of beer, it really is that simple. It is though not the combination of flavors that end your life, therefore there is no medical reason why these two flavours can;t be given mix and match. The beer itself of the weizen German lager type variety, with that being very much apparent when you drink it. It is like having a good German beer, but obviously there is the durian kicker to it.  As soon as the beer is served the distinct durian aroma is very much present, if you hate the smell, you will not like the beer period. If like me you love the smell of this pony fruit you are all good.

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The durian taste to the beer is actually quite mild, although indeed very much present, offering a crisp aftertaste to the beer rather than completely overwhelming it.

Where can you get durian beer?

Stone Head Durian Beer
Box Office menu

The craft beer bar scene in Phnom Penh tends to dictate that beers are rotated to keep things interesting, but anywhere that saves good craft beer in Phnom Penh, will have Stone Head Cambodia beers.

I personally discovered the brew at Box Office English Pub, located on a nondescript street not so far from the Royal Palace. Genuinely this is the kind of bar you only find by accident, but every Tuesday they offer twenty percent off to teachers, I certainly count myself as a bit of learned character to say the least.

They also served pickled eggs for a mere 25 cents a go, which led to me having 4 helpings, as well as very legitimate fish and chips.

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Overall though Durian Cahnee Weizen was a really good and well made craft beer. I am yet to delve into the other fine beers of Stone Head, but this is definitely something I now plan to do.

Oh, and I just purchased me some durian ice-cream, it really does seem that there is almost that you cannot do with this versatile yet stinky fruit. 

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