Can Durian and Beer kill you?

Can mixing durian with beer kill you? The short answer is technically yes, but you’d have to be really unlucky. That being said mixing both of them in high enough amounts will not be pleasant regardless.

So, durian and alcohol whats the issue?

Durian and beer

Many people think that the whole durian and alcohol thing is a myth, but in 2019 a Thai man was necking wine and durian and despite warnings from friends he continued to do so. He was later found dead, next to a rice wine bottle.

It’s not a myth.

Why is durian dangerous?

Any fan of durian, such as myself can tell you that durian makes you very bloated. This is because it contains Diethyl Disulfide a sulphur that slows down your metabolism. This means that the booze you consume will not be broken down properly.

What is the best case scenario?

Obviously death is fairly unlikely, but if you do go down this route then the very best you can hope for is a hangover from hell, and aint nobody got time for that!

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Oh and it gets worse

So we have learned that it makes it harder for your body to process the alcohol, but actually this is not even the main issue. Basically the acids the durian produces screw about with your liver and instead of processing the ethanol turn it toxic. Again this is not a myth, these are things that happen when you mix durian with alcohol.

What are the general affects of mixing durian and booze?

Not usually death, but merely vomiting, heartaches and nausea, death doesn’t always occur, which is nice.

Those at higher risk are said to be people with high blood pressure, or heart issues, but if we have learned anything from this its that overall probably just don’t mix durian with beer!

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