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What is the difference between Durian and Jackfruit?

durian vs jackfruit

When you travel to south-East Asia there is a hell of a lot “musts” on the culinary “to-do list”. In my opinion, Durian (in its many forms), and Jackfruit are two that should very much be on your list.

So in the Durian vs Jackfruit debate, what are the differences, and in a little Apple vs Bananas taste, which is the best?

Durian vs Jackfruit

To kickoff whilst a Durian and a Jackfruit look almost interchangeable to the untrained eye, they are in fact very, very, very different.


The durian is a famously pungent fruit, that is famously banned from many public places in South-East Asia (due to said smell). Inside the big husk of durian fruit is yellow seeds encased in an almost custard-like sweet mixture, that is sucked from the seeds.

Where is the best durian?

Where the best durian comes from is anyone’s guess, but my friends in Padawan told me theirs was, and I see no reason for them to lie. Most people have a love-hate relationship with Durian, westerns, in general, do not like it, but enough with the broad racial stereotypes! If you do manage to find a love of durian, you will find all manner of durian products from ice-cream to candy and even the (surprisingly good) durian pizza.


What does Jackfruit taste like?

Jackfruit, on the other hand, is whole other bag of vegetables (see what I did there). The jackfruit is crunchy and has a very sweet caramel-like taste and is used in a lot of cooking, and is popular for juices and the like. I also like jackfruit, but I love durian.

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There are numerous videos about how to correctly open a durian, and even how long it should be left on the ground before eating it.

Again my best durian moment was in Borneo eating a freshly fallen one, cut open with a knife and washed down with moonshine. Happy memories indeed!

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