7 Must-Visit Restaurants in Houston, TX

Houston, the largest city in Texas state, enjoys a reputation for offering mesmerizing experiences to its guests. One significant aspect that Houston is known for is the diversity of its cuisine. Every food item found in the city is fabulous and impressive enough to create memorable memories for a lifetime.

This is why you can also find some excellent restaurants in Houston that justify the scrumptious food flavors. Also, these places to eat offer every kind of facility to cater to both individual and large gatherings. Thus, you will never be disappointed if you wish to have a quiet dinner or enjoy a buffet in these Houston restaurants.

Brilliant Restaurants in Houston

To continue our quest for food excellence, let us walk through some of the must-visit restaurants in Houston, TX.

Niko Niko’s

If you wish to enjoy a plate of traditional Greek cuisine in Houston, this is the restaurant to visit. Opened up in the year 1977 by the Fetokakis family, the restaurant has been attracting many guests every day.

Some of the recommended dishes served in the restaurant include mini gyro sandwiches, Baklava frappe, Greek yogurt, and Falafel.

An affordable and highly comfortable environment adds to the serenity of the restaurant. Also, the food served is good in quantity, ensuring you get the actual value for your money.

Brennan’s Of Houston

You must visit Brannan’s Of Houston if you are seeking a restaurant that offers a luxurious dining experience. This restaurant has existed for 50 years and has still not lost its charm. In fact, for many tourists visiting Houston, this restaurant counts in their bucket list destination.

Recommended dishes include turtle soup, Matagorda Bay oysters, and its brilliant Cajun cuisine. Every dish served in the restaurants boasts of the excellence and pride of Houston. Also, their friendly staff and quiet environment add to the place’s good points.

Vic & Anthony’s Steakhouse

If you are a steak lover, this restaurant needs to be your final destination in Houston. In addition, its wide range of drinks, perfect ambiance, and delicious dinner menu make the place an ideal dining experience.

Everything about the place is just brilliant, whether it’s staff, service, or food. Highly recommended dishes served in the restaurant are Shrimp cocktails, Texas Waygu, Prime grass-fed rib-eye, and creamed corn.

Also, the restaurant serves delicious dishes for people who are pure vegetarians. Though it may sound surprising, the restaurant is no less a food lover for both steak lovers and vegetarians.

Crawfish & Noodles

This restaurant serves the best Vietnamese Cajun crawfish in the entire Houston. In fact, this is the restaurant’s signature dish. The atmosphere is full of disco balls, and a notable thing to see is that the staff wear rubber gloves and bibs.

The VietCajun, as the dish is called, consists of boiled crawfish garnished generously with garlic butter and pepper. You can go for mild, regular, or spicy crawfish. Also, the dish is customized as per the guests’ taste buds.

Gatlin’s BBQ

Another brilliant restaurant in Houston is Gatlin’s BBQ, which opened in 2010. As its popularity grew, the restaurant then moved on to a larger building in the year 2015. Since then, the ever-increasing line of guests at the restaurant has been living proof of its exemplary service.

The recommended dishes in the restaurant are sausages, turkey, brisket, pulled pork, and chicken wings. The drinks menu contains a long list of both alcoholic and nonalcoholic beverages.

The Breakfast Klub

People in Houston like to have a combination of chicken and waffles in their breakfast, and this restaurant caters to this wish quite effectively. No matter how early you go, you are bound to find a queue outside the restaurant. Such is the quality of chicken and waffles served here.

The serving staff is highly friendly, and the dining experience is superb and serene. Also, some of the highly recommended dishes served here besides chicken and waffles are catfish and grits, eggs, pork chops, omelets, and a wide range of pancakes.

House of Pies

Opened in 1967, the House of Pies has been a favorite of dessert lovers. Visiting Houston and not eating desserts is not done. People in Houston stand in a queue only for three things, barbeque, chicken, and pies.

You can enjoy up to 40 different varieties of pies here, and the signature pie is Bayou Goo pie. It is a pie endowed with a rich layer of sweet cream cheese, vanilla custard, pecans, and chocolate. Also, the pie has a topping of whipped cream, powdered sugar, and chocolate shavings.

Final Words

There are ample restaurants in Houston. Though a majority of them are good, some undoubtedly stand apart from the crowd.

If you are planning a visit to Houston, do pay a visit to these restaurants and witness the magic of good food prepared with perfection. Happy eating!


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