Buffalo meat in Phnom Penh

I have gotten somewhat behind on my food blogging, so have decided to review my latest meal, like a real foodie pro!

Whilst walking around my local area I noticed a BBQ type place which was serving up big old clumps of meat, meat that looked almost like it had been cured, but not quite as it was still on the grill.

After some intense trying to speak Khmer and failing I was to learn that it was buffalo meat. Buffalo, or to be more precise water buffalo can be seen everywhere in Cambodia, and used much more in the wares of farming than as a foodstuff, but hey this is Cambodia, so everything including bugs get eaten.

To read more about eating bugs in Cambodia click here.

You actually see buffalo meat in Phnom Penh on quite a lot of menus, some of it specialty, but in general it could be called a poor mans beef.

buffalo meat in Phnom Penh

The BBQ joint I found offered it up by the 100 gram for $3, not exactly cheap by Cambodian standards let me tell you! 100 grams also equaled a mere 3 pieces.

In for a penny in for a pound! It is served with chillies, pickled morning glory (that is very much a thing here) and some other veggies that I ignored.

So you bit the red chillies, throw in some morning glory and then bite the strips off of the buffalo meat.

As stated before the buffalo meat in Phnom Penhs almost cured, but also fried on a BBQ, this gives it a really smoky taste and means that it tears off into large shreds when you eat it. I really liked this half jerky feel that it gave me, and the chillies just sealed the deal.

Not the cheapest snack you can get yourself in Phnom Penh, but impressive enough and I can imagine it going down amazingly if you have been necking 75 cent beers all.

Cambodian Buffalo or the buffalo meat in Phnom Penh jerky you get my vote…

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