Amazing Chili Pan Mee

Do you like your noodles fired up and super spicy, we introduce chili pan mee!

Chili Pan Mee, or Chilly Pan Mee, depending on how sit on the grammar fence is a surer spicy noodle dish that you can now get in Phnom Penh!

Where can I get this in Phnom Penh?

Long gone are the dark days of the Khmer Rouge and Phnom Penh is fast becoming a city where you can eat almost anything. Chilli Pan Mee, being one of the new entrants to the local culinary scene.

There’s a new restaurant called Tan Tan run by a Japanese guy in the BKK area of Phnom Penh. He only has about 5 dishes on the menu, but one of them is Chili Pan Mee, which was our reason for going.

Aside from the aforementioned dish they also have Boiled Gyoza (5 pcs meat dumplings – $2.50), Special Karaage (fried chicken – $3), Edamame (boiled green peas – $2) and Angkor draft ($1.50). As is often the case some of the best restaurants just concentrate on a few sexy dishes, and this is the case here.

What is the Food All About?

Chili Pan Mee
Chili Pan Mee

A bowl the food consists of chili, noodles (that’s the men part), anchovies, boiled egg, shrimp,  and garnished with spring onions and sesame oil. Get ready for some spicy noodles!

How to Eat it?

Seems like a silly question, but lets get down to this! First you stir it up and make sure that everything is all mixed together very nicely!

And why is Chilli Pan Mee so good?

Lets make absolutely no bones about this, this is drunk food at its absolute finest, this is the English equivalent of going for a kebab with mucho chili sauce!

To read about the English kebab click here.

But, if there were to be some kind of secret recipe the owner states that he grinds small and big chilies with dried shrimp in the right proportions, which is what makes it so special.

And that is Chili Pan Mee in Phnom Penh!

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