Blue Rock Subic Bay

Blue Rock Subic Bay is a bit of an institution. Ángeles had been all about Street Food, but if you go to the beach, you get on the seafood. I usually stay at Wild Orchid, mainly because it’s my favourite restaurant, but partly because star it’s opposite my favourite seafood restaurant, Blue Rock.

Blue Rock Restaurant

Blue Rock restaurant and Resort is located slap bang on Baloy Long Beach, with a huge seating area over looking the beach, and ocean.

Drinks wise there’s a steady cocktail list, with a local vodka and pineapple being 95 Peso. We hit that shit!

And the menu!

The food menu though is a bit of a law unto itself. It’s huge and hard to navigate, but navigate it I have. Here’s what to order at Blue Rock

Fresh Oysters

Blue Rock Subic Bay

The oysters here are boss! We went natural, which came with lemons, hot sauce, and some cheeky wasabi.

Blue Fin Tuna Sashimi

A little smaller than I’d prefer, but still amazing quality fish. Wasabi isn’t very strong though.


Kinilaw is Filipino ceviche and it’s awesome. You can read more about it here. Basically raw fish cooked in vinegar and calamansi. We took the spicy option.

Garlic prawns!

Some of the best shrimp I’ve ever had is in Subic Bay. Huge prawns cooked perfectly in the right amount of garlic.

Mash and gravy!

I like mash, and I like gravy, they do good mash and gravy in a huge bowl for 5 bucks.

All in all, with drinks we dropped less than 20 dollars each. An epic meal at Blue Rock, Subic Bay.

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