Pampanga Street Food!!!

Fun fact kids! Pampanga is the culinary capital of the Philippines  As in it has the best cuisine in the country. I’ve written about backstreet Angeles fare before, but today I was to hit the street food mothership.

Angeles City Street Food

In Angeles there used to be an American Air Force base (hence why all the girly bars). Said Air Force base has now (mostly) been converted into private enterprise, with sports fields for the SEA Games (they are hosting the Rugby there), and now a huge street food market. It is called Pampanga Food Street!

Pampanga Street Food Market

Now before I get onto the whole culinary adventure that was to befall, let’s handle how to get the the street food market. It’s near the airport, and you’ll need a car. Trikes are not allowed inside the Clark Development Zone!

And what street food do they have at Pampanga street food? It would be easier to say what they didn’t have! Korean, Japanese, Halo-halo, Lechon, and my bestest of the bestest, Inihaw (Filipino BBQ).

Pampanga street food

We went all out here! Japanese squid, Soju, cheesy fries, and a huge heap of Inihaw. All of what we had was frankly amazing, and cheap. Two massive plates of meat set me back 11 bucks, and even with all the other bits, 6 of us dined for less than a score (that’s London speak for 20).

Conclusion on Pampanga Street Food

I’m not always a huge fan of commercialised Street Food, but this was my second big Philippines score after Cebu, and I will definitely be back.

If you can get hold of a vehicle  Pampanga Food Street makes a great change from the hustle and bustle of Fields Avenue when you travel to Angeles.

Street Food in the Philippines you continue to surprise me!

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