Can you get Taco Bell in Cambodia?

Can you get Taco Bell in Cambodia? No you cannot. Is Taco Bell planning on coming to Cambodia? No it is not, but much like everything here there is a cheap knock-0ff and of course it is on street 172.

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Personally I do not get all the hype when it comes to Taco bell, I have had it, but it is cheap nasty Mexican food. This has led to a myth I don’t like Mexican food, I do and the next link proves it!

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Mexican food in Cambodia!

Taco Bell in Cambodia
Taco Bell in Cambodia

There are actually tons of Mexican food in Cambodia, although I am yet to meet an actual Mexican, but I digress. I am not the Mexican food expert, but my buddy stated that at Sundance they did the best Taco Bell knock off around, so we should try it.

Try it we did!

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Street 172 the knock-off central of Phnom Penh

In fact you can get a Big Mac and Subway on 172, namely at the Vine and Molly’s , so fit there was to be a Taco Bell it would be here.

Ironically all of these establishments are literally opposite each other, we can but wait for a knock off Hoooters

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Can you get Taco Bell in Cambodia – The Sundance Menu

Taco Bell in Cambodia
Taco Bell in Cambodia

So basically Sundance do almost exactly the same menu and it is really cheap, with no dish costing more than a few dollars. They apparently even have the now discontinued Taco bell pizza, which was the main thing I ate.

Overall not the worst meal I have had in Cambodia, but also not the best. This is not the best Mexican food in Phnom Penh, but it is the best Taco bell in Phnom Penh!

Can you get Taco bell in Cambodia? Kinda

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