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    Is Hooters coming to Cambodia?


    Is Hooters going to open in Cambodia? The short answer is not right now, but the long answer is probably. We’ve previously dealt with that eternal expat dilemma of it McDonalds is coming to Cambodia, it isn’t, but what about Hooters? famous for their ribs, burgers and ladies with large chests. So is Hooters coming […]

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    Can you get Taco Bell in Cambodia?

    Taco Bell in Cambodia

    Can you get Taco Bell in Cambodia? No you cannot. Is Taco Bell planning on coming to Cambodia? No it is not, but much like everything here there is a cheap knock-0ff and of course it is on street 172. To read about Street 172 click here Personally I do not get all the hype […]

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    Which countries do and don’t have KFC?

    Which countries do and don’t have KFC

    Which countries do an don’t have a KFC? I feel like I write lots of interesting stuff on the amazing street foods of the world, but it is my articles about Fast Food joints that get all the traffic! So, why not roll with it and just be an SEO Whore? To read about which […]