Sundance Inn and Saloon – Street 172

Sundance Bar – Street 172 is one of the many bars on this infamous street aimed at the expat community. I’ll be honest after my first trip to Street 172 and Dirty Old Sailor, I was not overly impressed. Still proximity to my house meant that I was up for trying out a few more places.

Sundance Inn and Saloon is located pretty much in the middle of the street, usually has chairs outside and more often than not is busy.

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Is Sundance Inn and Saloon any good?

I can’t comment on the Inn element as I was not in need of a hotel, but the bar is really very good.

The clientele tends to be very eclectic, the music is good and the staff are amazing. The bar seems to be run by a team of very pretty girls who spend their whole time running around and serving a lot of drinks. When the staff are having fun, customers usually have fun.

Oh and a beer costs $1, not 75 cents like the riverside, but I can deal with a dollar a beer.

And how about the food?

The menu is very western orientated with Australian, American, British and Canadian dishes, as well as a lot of specials. I have yet to go through the whole menu, but I can speak highly of the poutine..

I consider myself a bit of an authority when it comes to poutine and have written about it a few times in Cambodia.

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So the poutine at Sundance? Extremely good, decent sized chips, well made gravy and a dish big enough to warrant paying $4.50. And they also had malt vinegar! Vinegar makes everything better.

And as an “Inn” they seem to be impervious to the current bar ban due to the coronavirus outbreak.

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Overall a big thumbs up. The best poutine in Phnom Penh? Potentially……

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