Can you get poutine in Kampot?

Poutine the national dish of Canada is very much available at Hurricane Brewski.

Hurricane Brewski is located on old street in Kampot next to Laundry Cafe Burger Bar, which conveniently has the best burgers of Kampot. It advertises itself as serving Canadian, and midwestern cuisine.

I’ll start with the poutine, poutine is the national dish of Canada and consists of Chips and Gravy with melted cheese curds, not cheese as is often erroneously reported! I once ate Putin, sorry poutine at Shania Twain’s favourite restaurant in Timmins, Northern Ontario, so how did Hurricane Brewski compare? Pretty canned well! And the owner there, and next door are really nice fellas, and will let you mix and match. Poutine with the best Kampot burger? I think so.

Other classic menu items grilled cheese sandwiches, steaks for $7.50, and Korean style fried chicken (the owner previously lived in South Korea).

There’s a lot of decent and good restaurants in Kampot, but to have probably the two best western restaurants, literally right next to each other is a dream.

Combine these places with the amazing street food if Kampot, and this is a town where you truly will not go hungry.

Oh and a draft beer costs 50 cents…..

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