Can you lose weight faster with intermittent fasting? How? 

Want to lose weight fast? Intermittent fasting has emerged as a popular way of maintaining a healthy lifestyle, which cycles between a period of not eating and eating, and its aim is weight loss. Nowadays, since people are cautious of their weight and healthy lifestyle, intermittent fasting has gained immense popularity. Further research findings revealed that intermittent fasting is an effective way of losing weight and is very different from conventional dieting. Read on to understand this time-tested option and its distinct advantages and considerations.

  • Understanding intermittent fasting

First and foremost, you need to understand what intermittent fasting is. It is a plan where you will eat during specific hours and then fast for the next few hours every day. Most individuals are attracted to the program because it helps them have proper control over their appetite, eating time, and weight loss regime. Intermittent fasting has several characteristics, but the two main ones are time-restricted food intake and whole-day fasting.

  • Time-restricted intake of food

Time-restricted eating is a plan where you fast for 16 hours, and the remaining 8 hours are non-fasting. It is a flexible approach that can be altered to a 12:12 ratio. For instance, if you are done with your dinner at 6:00 PM, the next meal will be at 6:0. The strict version of this type of eating is the 23:1 plan. It includes eating a single meal daily, followed by 23 hours of non-eating. Every approach permits water and non-calorie beverages to be consumed during fasting. Irrespective of what you are eating, you need to have proper control over time. Remember that family and friends can be your support during these times.

  • Entire day fasting

Another popular category of fasting is the 5:2 approach. Here you will eat for five days, then for two days, you go on fasting, or you can modify this with 500 to 600 calories each day. An intermittent fasting plan calls for 2 to 3 days every week of fasting, which is relatively easy to achieve. Irrespective of your approach, you must be mindful of what you eat. You must have a consistency that will help you achieve your health goals. You may also look at this article to learn about fitness tools and equipment in the market.

  • Alternate day approach

Coming to an ADF or alternate day fasting consists of a single fast day where you will consume a maximum of 25% of the calorie required. You will then go fasting the following day. On the whole, you will be fasting 3 to 4 days every week. The plan will typically result in a decent amount of weight loss, provided you are consistent with your approach.

  • What are the research findings?

Looking at recent studies conducted on people in the western world, you will see that the three distinct categories of intermittent fasting have revealed short-term and long-term implications. Whether it is time-restricted eating or alternate-day fasting, it has a positive impact on your mind as well as your body. You can achieve your weight loss goal by 50% and even more. The results will amaze you because they are different from the conventional approach.

Also, you can be mindful of your exercise and regular physical workout. To enhance weight loss, you can invest your money in high-quality fitness equipment, readily available online and offline.

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