Dirty Old Sailor – Street 172

Dirty Old Sailor is a somewhat notorious bar on a somewhat notorious street. I had heard bad things from expats about both places, but being the pro that I am decided to give it a fair try.

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Street 172

Whilst not having the amount of girly bars as say street 130, this area is notorious for crime, sexpats and “happy pizzas”. Its reputation comes from its proximity to the action and that it is one of the cheapest places to live. The street certainly has a few decent bars and restaurants, but from what I can gather nothing stand out enough to visit here.

Crime and fighting on street 172

I’ll add that I have seen neither on the street, but it has somewhat of a reputation for it. A friend of mine was robbed on the street by a motorcycle thief and it is certainly not a place to be flaunting wealth. Certainly not in the current economic climate.

Dirty Old Sailor

Dirty Old Sailor lies at the top of the street. I nearly visited here once before when out buying pizza. I entered, but was put off by the “aroma” of the place.

Round 2 – I entered expecting 75 cent beers as they were advertised outside. The same “herbal aroma” hit me when I came into the bar. On approaching the bar 3 people were in a heated debate about a sick dog. I carried on standing there without any service being offered.

Upon the dog guy leaving the other patrons and the bar staff started to mock him for calling hiss dog his “mate”. Still no service was offered.

Eventually a guy came from the toilet and asked if I wanted a drink. I ordered it, it was $1.50. I have no issues with paying more for a good drink, such as a cocktail at Oskar. This was not Oskar.

I sank the drink in one go and left. No one seemed to notice.

In conclusion on Dirty Old Sailor?

If you like herbal things then I guess you would like it here. If you are looking for value, or indeed service then don’t bother going to Dirty Old Sailor on 172 Street.

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