Exploring Tai O village

Despite virtually living in Hong Kong, I rarely step out of my comfort zone. A zone that consists of Wan Chai, Lamma Island, and TST. Classy, I know.

Therefore being dragged to Tai O village was quite the pleasant surprise. Tai O is basically an old school fishing island to the south of the bustling Lantau. Getting either involved a bus, or infrequent ferry from Tung Chung. This is also the place where one might take the cable car.

On arrival to Tai O you’re greeted by lots of hawkers trying to sell boat rides from 10 HKD up. Apparently you can see houses on stilts, and Chinese dolphins. Or you can go eat in the market.

Tai O Market is a street food guys wet dream, it had all my Hong Kong street food favourites, as well as dried fish, some kind of strange pie, and a sweet potato snack I scoffed down.

They also had hiking, uphill hiking, an endeavour I would not usually partake in, but hey it was kinda like a holiday.

Hiking in Tai O was actually pretty amazing, with coffins built into the hills, an amazing sunset, and the chance at least to see dolphins (I didn’t see any).

Overall I was pleasantly surprised at u how nice a day out hiking in an old fishing village could be. Heck they even had bottled coke.

There really are worse ways to spend a day!

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