Koh Kong Nightlife Guide

Koh Kong has always been a sleepy town. Back in the day the odd tourist would come through though, so there was a little bit of a scene. Alas this is Covid times. Scene there is no more.

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Are there expat bars in Koh Kong? Are there girly bars in Koh Kong?

Apparently there was Fat Sam’s and Paddy’s, but both seem to be closed. Apex Guesthouse is still open though. This is the closest they have to a hostel in Koh Kong.

If you are expecting a riverside or Sok San road experience you will be bitterly disappointed. There are no girly bars in Koh Kong.

Koh Kong Nightlife – Chicken farm road

All of the hotels and apparently nightlife are on Street 12 AKA Chicken Farm road. Now days nightlife seems to consist of Berry Pub, the only club in Koh Kong. We will deal with that one later.

Asside from that chicken farm road is a bit lacking, I mean they don’t even have a chicken farm.

It’s all about the Koh Kong Waterfront

The 4 expats of the city were seen here on both nights. Said expats look quite bored.

Good street food scene though, cheap beers and a glorious sunset. Clearly you do not come to Koh Kong to party.

Koh Kong waterfront
Koh Kong Waterfront

Koh Kong Nightlife – There’s one nightclub

Apparently Rosana Hotel is the place to stay, so I stayed here. Not gonna lie a bit boring, but also $12 a night, so what do you want. And located on Chicken Farm Road.

Directly opposite the hotel I noticed a very loud and bust bar, Berry Pub. Turns out this is the only nightclub in Koh Kong. On further inspection it was full of the cool local kids partying the night away. Beers were only $1.30 per can, or $1 per bottle and they even served food.

I am used to Chicken feet from Chinese bars, but deep fried chicken feet, o chicken farm road in the only nightclub in Koh Kong was a treat.

Nightlife Koh Kong? There really isn’t much of one to be fair.

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