Pukka Pies

The UK pretty much invented meat pies (fact). Now whilst New Zealand and Australia might arguably now make better pies, England is the spiritual home of the pie, and the best pies in England are Pukka Pies.

History of Pukka Pies

Pukka Pies were formed in 1963 as “Trevor Storer’s Home Made Pies”, a year later realizing that their name was a bit shit they changed it to Pukka Pies. What does pukka mean? It is very London/British slang to mean really good. As in “what do you think of my new motor” “its pukka” (really quite excellent).

The original store opened at the ground of Rotherham United Football Club. This made Rotherham famous for two things, firstly pedophiles and secondly achieving the highest average pie consumption at a football match. Pies at football matches in England have truly caught on. Grooming gangs less so.

Nowadays they are the leading provider of pies to fish and chip shops where they have a healthy rivalry with the slightly inferior Peters Pies.

Fun fact! For 6 months I worked for a company called VR Frozen Foods as a Pukka Pie salesman. I pretty much lived off of the free sample packs we kept in the freezer, that and mushy pea fritters.

Pukka Pies Range

As well as pies Pukka also do that other classic British snack the sausage roll.

Steak pies (All Steak, Steak & Kidney and Steak & Ale) – 56%

Chicken & Mushroom – 22%

Minced Beef & Onion – 13%

Others (Steak; Meat & Potato; Balti; Cheese, Beer & Veal) – 9%

They often run other specials such as their vegan leek and potato pie which has won some kind of vegetarian award that no one gives two flying shits about. I’d love a vegan pie, said no one, ever.

How to eat a pukka pie?

You can be all weird and cook one at home to have with peas, or you can do ut as good intended, at the fish and chip shop!

It is important not to delve straight into a pukka pie as they are bloody hot, many a tongue has been burnt a buy. For me, I like to eat the top first so as to open up the pie as a soup. Add vinegar to the pie and then dip your chips in there (trust me).

Eat the innards with a fork and then eat the base of the pie with your hands.

What is the best Pukka Pie? It is Steak and Kidney Pie.

That is all…..

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