Mushy Peas

Nothing makes you more homesick than food, so this seems to be turning into a UK food series. Today it’s all about mushy peas!

Growing up we ate a lot of peas, I think it is quite an English thing, I seem to rarely see it elsewhere, and I was not a fan at all, even with ketchup I just found them far too bland. And then I discovered mushy peas.

What are mushy peas?

First, you take regular marrowfat peas, you soak them overnight in water and baking soda, before rinsing them in freshwater. You then throw it into a saucepan, cover them with water and boil until they get all mushy. Finally, salt and pepper are added. Voila, you have a British culinary sensation!

Why are mushy peas such a big deal?

It is hard to say, but they just have a special place in the British heart, they are often served to s as kids, as well as a Fish and Chip shops, another very British thing! Good taste plus nostalgia I guess.

Are there variations of mushy peas?

Generally speaking, mushy peas are a tried and tested thing, but like anything, different areas have their own take on it.

The Mushy Pea Fritter

If you have read my blog on battered sausage, you will already have been introduced to this. Mushy peas dipped in batter and deep-fried. This dish is freaking epic!!! Ketchup + Vergara + Mushypea fritter and chips – epic…

Mushy Peas and Mint Sauce

I have never tried this (yet), but if I end up in Nottinghamshire it’s happening. Basically mushy peas served with mint sauce (another very British thing) and sold at open things like fetes, and fairs. yeah baby, mushy pea street food!

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