Remaking Castle Freak

I’ve mentioned that I will be staying in Albania for two months filming a movie, but what movie, and indeed why am I, a mere travel agent and lover of Street Food doing working on a movie?

Well, it goes a little something like this! About 3 years ago, Mr. Justin Martell, genuine filmmaker found himself working for YPT on a few projects related to North Korea. We got to talking and go to thinking about how it would work to have YPT film locations. Basically taking people to make movies is hard, but cheaper places (such as Albania), so we jumped on the famous Eurasian Adventure Tour as hangers-on, and with the idea to meet local film commissions.

To say the trip was somewhat eventful would not be giving it its credit, and we checked out places in Ukraine, Transnistria, Moldova, Romania, Bulgaria, Kosovo, Albania, Serbia, and then even went off course by meeting the main film guys in Northern Cyprus.

The net result of this was our company Pioneer Media.

The harder you work, the luckier you get, so fast forward to now, and we have been working with the legendary Fangoria to bring a new adaptation of the classic 1995 film starring Barbara Crampton Castle Freak to a 2019 audience.

The original is still well worth a watch and can be viewed for free on YouTube. Our script and story is quite different, but obviously, I can’t go much into that!

As for my job? I think I’m to be credited as a Locations Coordinator, which pretty much means I look after people and logistics, whilst troubleshooting. All in all not that much different from running a good old fashioned YPT trip, but this time, I’m not the one in charge.

Stay tuned for more Castle Freak 2019 updates.

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