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Prey Veng Nightlife Guide – 2021

Prey Veng Nightlife Guide - 2021
Prey Veng Nightlife Guide - 2021

The Prey Veng Nightlife guide – 2021. This is my guide to everything you need to know about the nightlife of Prey Veng City, the capital of Prey Veng Province. Let’s get started! Is there any nightlife in Prey Veng? No there is not, I mean like any.

Why go to Prey Veng

Prey Veng Nightlife Guide - 2021
Prey Veng Fc

Amazingly Pre Veng do have a team in the C-League of Cambodia, the top division of football in the Kingdom. The team are newly promoted and among the favorites to get relegated. If they play football like they do nightlife then indeed they may well be doomed.

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I was thus here a second time for football reasons.

Are there are any restaurants in Pre Veng?

Trip Advisor said there were two, but these are tough times and they haven closed.

There are of course lots of small Khmer type restaurants and street food, but we will get to that later.

Are there any bars in Pre Veng?

Apparently they tried out the hole bar thing, but locals didn’t want to spend money expensive cocktails. There are no bars in Pre Veng.

What time does the city shut?

Apparently by about 7, the lights go out everything closes. It is not easy driving around in the dark on the pot-holed streets of Pre Veng.

Is there Street Food in Pre Veng

If you want to eat late then the only place is a thin stretch of street food vendors that are knocking out a storm! In fact it was so good I will try to review most everything I ate!

The guy even spoke pretty good English, made up a table for us and I think might have had the hots for me. My GayDar was certainly going off on this one.

Prey Veng Nightlife guide + street food

So the nightlife scene consists of about seven vendors all selling similar the stuff. They have coolers with beers and can fashion a table of sorts for you. All the food is much of muchness, but if you like Khmer street food it is all good.

I’ll therefore concentrate on what we had.

Grilled frog (តាឡនតនអាំង) – Not the big kind I had recently in Phnom Penh, but more like bugs, grilled and seven with lime.

Prey Veng Nightlife Guide
Grilled Frog

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Chicken ass (កញ្ជូញកូដមាន់អាំង) – It might sound gross, but we all know how good it is.

Chicken offal Khmer type curry (Khmer) – I really don’t know how to explain this, but it was cooked in a pot and just described as “spicy”. It was spicy. Lots of Khmer herbs, jungle veg, chill and chicken innards. Very good.

Pork belly – (សាច់ជ្រូកបីជាន់) – Khmer style BQ pork belly, another real treat.

Pork blood (ឈាមជ្រូក) – The congealed slimy version, rather and the black pudding variety. OK, but in the end a bit much for me.

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Khmer BBQ Chicken – The street was mostly dominated by BBQ chicken, again a dish it is hard to go wrong with.

Washed down with Anchor beer, which at some point deserves its own article. Apparently it is from Battambang, which I once visited for 25 minutes on the way to Pailin, but that was a very different time….

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And that is the Pre Veng Nightlife guide 2021, will I get to update in 2022? Who knows, but lets hope tourism has at least returned to the country by then, as well as some form of global normality.

Long story short, beautiful scenery, but not a place for cool party people.

Written by Gareth

Gareth Johnson is the founder of Young Pioneer Tours, a published writer, and all round entrepreneur. He enjoys street food, and encourage others to get paid to travel the world.

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