Cambodian Cuisine – Top 7 Dishe

Cambodian cuisine is probably the most underrated, but amazing set of food in south-east Asia. Here’s our 7 of the best Khmer dishes.

Cambodian cuisine has been heavily influenced by its regional neighbors of Thailand, China, and Vietnam, with a big helping of the French culinary persuasion! Khmer food is fusion cuisine at its best.

Here are 7 must-try foods when you visit Cambodia. For more info on each dish, click the link, as all have their very own blog! Yes, I really like Cambodian food…

7) Cambodian Fried Noodles

Cambodian Fried Noodles

An absolute must, and something you will see absolutely everywhere in Cambodia from fine dining restaurants to street hawkers. Obviously related to its Chinese cousin, but done very much in its own way depending on where you eat it.

6) Khmer Sour Soup

Khmer Sour Soup

Not my favorite dish I have tried, but at least I can say it is interesting! Green, and soured by lime with the meat being either chicken, beef, or even heaven forbid meatlessly. Really healthy, and would you guess sour!

5) Angkor Beer

Angkor beer is the most popular beer in Cambodia, closely followed by Cambodia Beer (imaginative eh).  I genuinely enjoyed drinking this from a big plastic mug full of ice!

4) Frogs with Tamarind

Frogs with Tamarind

Frogs are quite a common food in Cambodia, cooked in various ways. This is not down to the French influence, but an indigenous thing. The best frog I tried was with tamarind, you can never go wrong with tamarind! Yes, frogs are bony and taste like chicken, but it makes a good change from, well chicken.

3) Egg Proma

Egg Proma

Basically it is a Cambodian omelette cooked with salted fish, garlic and a whole heap of other goodies. Served as always with a salad this makes a perfect appetizer and is slightly different to your average breakfast omelette.

2) Lok Lak

Lok Lak

Lok Lak is only just second on my list, originating in Vietnam, but seemingly perfected in Cambodia. Sautéed cubes of beef cooked ever so slightly rare, and absolute perfection. You will find this as Cambodian street food, and fine dining alike!

1) Oyster Ice

Oyster Ice

Oysters ice, literally raw oysters served on/under the ice! Instead of shooting them as we do in the west, you mix them with eucalyptus, fine chopped fried onion, and Khmer hot sauce! I was truly blown away by the dish and the price, $3.50 for a huge plate of fresh oysters.

Khmer cuisine made me a happy Street Food Guy!

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