Cafe Wine O’clock – 24 hour food and drink delivery in Phnom Penh

Where can you get 24 hour food and drink delivery in Phnom Penh? At Cafe Wine O’clock, but there is a whole heap more to this place than just that! Now with the curfew definitively over and the alcohol ban almost over, these guys stand to make a killing.

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Cafe Wine O’clock were formerly an institution in Siem Reap, for whatever reason I never visited. Until last night I had also not visited their Phnom Penh branch. Kinda feel a bit silly about this one with hindsight, rather like when I didn’t watch Breaking Bad for two years because everyone was on about it, only to discover it was awesome.

As ever I digress……

What is Cafe Wine O’clock

It is EVERYTHING! It is a cafe, a bar, a restaurant, a deli and of course a 24 hour food and drink delivery company in Phnom Penh. They also have a kick-ass menu with hot and cold dishes and probably the biggest and most eclectic croissant menu I have yet to see.

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Personally I went for the beef pate, a plate of bacon and a 4 cheese croissant. I was drinking so these were perfect beer snacks, although in the absence of Hard Lemonade (they were out) I went for a very well made Long Island Iced tea, followed by a “flight of white wine”.

The Drinks at Cafe Wine o’clock

Lots of craft beers, lots of wine, and very we’ll made cocktails as previously mentioned. The flights of wine at $5.50 are particularly good value and give you the chance to try a bunch of wine on the cheap. This is very much a European affair and being open 24/7 means you can drop by for snacks and drinks at a whim. We like this thought process.

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And of course if you are home who cares? This is 24 hour food and drink delivery in Phnom Penh. Sometimes if you are very very lucky you need a bottle of good wine at 3 am…..

The Delhi at cafe Wine O’Clock

This was literally my wet dream! All kinds of hams and a superb selection of cheeses. I definitely filled my boots on this one.

After 10pm all deserts are also 50 percent off because the company take pride in wanting their produce to remain fresh. Deserts were very much embraced.

24 hour food and drink delivery in Phnom Penh

I got 99 problems, but a bitch ain’t one. Neither now is getting quality food in house, or delivered 24 hours a day in Phnom Penh.

Can’t argue with that…..

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