Coati Coffee – one of the best poop coffees around

Coati coffee is one of the many coffees that is derived from an animal eating coffee and then pooping it out! Coati Coffee is by far not the only coffee “made” way, but it is one of the most unique.

Is Coffee made from poop?

For this very reason “is coffee made from poop” is very much something that trends on Google. Now how to explain, Coffee is a fruit believe it, or not, although rather bitter. Many animals eat this fruit and then poop it out. Much like when we eat sweetcorn it comes out the back-end whole.

According to comedian Tom Green you could play your poop sweetcorn and grow it although I have not tried this. I learned this when watching him in Saigon.

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What about Monkey Poop Coffee? 

Probably the most famous of poop coffees is Monkey poop coffee, which most famously comes from Costa Rica, in fact there is a whole “fruity monkey poop” coffee craze that we may delve into at some point. 

There is also Kopi luwak which consists of partially digested coffee cherries, which have been eaten and defecated by the Asian palm civet – a kind of cat, although not the kind you will see in peoples houses. The digestion helps makes it taste better. I have actually tried said coffee and it tasted good, rather than like shit as it were.

Bali recently announced a reopening to tourism which you can read about here.

What is Coati Coffee?

As we seem to have strayed off of track I will try to get us back on course. Coati Coffee is a form of animal poop coffee produced by the Coatis. A Coati is an animal similar to a long nosed raccoon, rather than a cat, or a monkey. The coffee produced is known as Coati Dung Coffee, but how exactly do you make coffee from the dung of a raccoon?

Coati Coffee
Coati Coffee Racoon

How do you make Coati Coffee?

The coati eats the coffee cherry, yes coffee trees have “cherries” The animal then partly digests the beans/cherries with the digestive system of the animal adding fruit elements to what is already considered a premium coffee.

Coati Coffee

Someone then literally has to collect the Coati coffee shit, from where it is cleaned and the poop separated from the coffee. I really want to find out the name for the job of the person who cleans shit from coffee beans, or should it be the other way around?

The coffee beans are thus washed, dried, and then roasted at 230° Celsius which in theory at least kills all poop related germs and bacteria, and voila you have a premium coffee brand. 

Coati Coffee Farms 

Coati Coffee s actually made in a much more controlled environment than you might expect. Young Coati are kept in humane conditions, from where they eat on the ripest of fruits, poop and the whole process begins.

Coati Coffee

Misha Life Coati Coffee

Coati coffee is not so much a brand in itself, but is usually, or most famously made by Misha Life, so named after the colloquially named Coati, which the Peruvians call Mishasho.

The company cal themselves the purveyors of the most luxurious coffee in the world, and Coati Dung Coffee is certainly one of the more prices poop based coffees around the world.

Their website offers wholesale, as well as gift packages of Coati Coffee, with an “extremely rare gourmet dung speciality Arabica 125 gram set” costing $75. 

AS the old English saying goes, “there’s money in muck”. Coati Coffee, supposedly the highest grade coffee in the world surely make this case in point. 

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