7 die after drinking Cambodian Rice Wine

Cambodian Rice Wine

Death toll from tainted Cambodian rice wine in village rises to 7. When in China, Vietnam, or even Laos you will find rice-wine everywhere. In China “BaiJiu” is almost like a national religion.

In Cambodia much less so, and you are more likely to find Soju in a corner store that local moonshine.

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The Rice Wine Situation in Cambodia

Basically the rice-wine situation in Cambodia is that it tends not to get made on an industrial level. When it is made it tends to to be of the home-brew variety. Despite my love of all things moonshine, I have only seen it once. That was at the floating village in Siem Reap. Alas I have yet to try the stuff.

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Can you get it in the cities?

You can, but it tends to be like making a back street drug deal. Certain stores have it hidden behind the counter.

Death toll from tainted wine in Cambodia rises to 7

Now the problem with making stuff at home is that things can tend to go wrong. As per a story in the Khmer Times today 7 people are now confirmed dead after drinking “tainted” rice wine.

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Aside from the 7 dead, 124 people have been hospitalized. The incident took place in a rural village in the Teuk Pos district on Saturday when the victims drank the wine, which was suspicious of containing high levels of methanol. Fate was indeed not without a sense of irony as they drank the poison after a funeral….

Will this put me off my quest to find Cambodian Rice Wine?

I take being the street food guy seriously, and I shall one day try Cambodian Rice Wine. Ideally it doesn’t kill me.

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