3 Of The Best Texas Wineries

Thinking of wine brings to mind an array of golden, pink, and red colors—the smell of beautifully fermented grapes, cork, and wood swirling around the nose. Now, pair the sensory experience with awe-inspiring vistas and the welcoming nature of the accommodations. Keeping this image in mind, a winery may be your next thought.

Wine has always been among the most popular alcoholic beverages since large-scale wine production started in 6,000 BCE. In the US, wine consumption, according to Statista, is estimated to be about 33 million hectoliters annually—enough to fill more than 1,300 Olympic-sized swimming pools. This amount makes the country the world’s top wine consumer.

Best Texas Wineries

There are over 11,000 wineries in the United States. More than 900 of these wineries are in Texas, making the Lone Star State among the top-wine producing regions in the country. If you’re thinking about visiting Texas wineries, the list below can help you choose the best wineries that Texas has to offer:

Barons Creek Vineyards

While driving up to the complex, an image of a Tuscan villa springs to mind. In contrast, the décor resembles modern-day Texas with a hint of that cowboy charm. Their Ultimate Wine Experience offers an in-depth analysis of each wine and combines it with delicious food.

The winery produces an extensive homegrown collection of wines, with some examples below:

  • Red: Crazy Train, Texas Tempranillo, and Sweet Dreams, all with notes of berries, fruits, or chocolate to keep the palate interested.
  • White: Chardonnay, Sauvignon Blanc, and Muscat Canelli have hints of pear, grapefruit, peach, and apple. Perfect for desserts or a leisurely get-together with friends and family.
  • Rosé: The Rosé or Rosé Cava leaves notes of banana, cranberry, strawberry, or pineapple on the tongue. Undoubtedly firm favorites with winery visitors.

Not only can patrons enjoy their wines outside and soak in the Texas sun, but they could also opt for the tasting room or courtyard lounges. Furthermore, wine connoisseurs can book an overnight stay at the vineyard’s gorgeous villas, making Barons Creek Vineyards a genuinely immersive experience.

Val Verde Winery

Being one of Texas’s oldest vineyards and wineries, this establishment has a history as rich as its wines. A third-generation family member now runs the winery, established in 1883. The winery prides itself on having multiple vineyards, each producing a distinct flavor for its wines. These vineyards are:

  • High Cross Vineyards
  • Young Family Vineyards
  • Mesa Vineyards

Their signature wines are backed by over 125 years of winemaking experience that the founder, Frank Qualia, brought with him from Italy, one of the world’s top wine producers. Some of the wines they produce are the following:

  • Don Luis Tawny Port: Made from Lenoir grapes, the flavors of this port are butter, caramel, nutty, and slight notes of chocolate. It is thus no surprise that they pair well with cigars and dark chocolate for the perfect addition to after-dinner conversations.
  • Blanc du Bois: An American grape varietal with apple, honeysuckle, and melon notes infused for a smooth-bodied flavor that ends sharp and dry on the palate.
  • Rosé: Taking a sip of this wine reminds the drinker of a rose field. The sweet honey notes flowing on your tongue make space for a lovely lemongrass finish. The wine complements rich cheeses, crackers, and fresh fruit as the best partner for a cheese and wine evening.

Whichever types of wine catch the eye of the wine lovers visiting the winery, they can taste them onsite or take some home with them. Furthermore, the winery offers online shopping, so wine lovers can order their favorite wines and have them shipped anywhere in Texas.

Kiepersol Vineyards, Winery & Distillery

Farmer Pierre de Wet decided to bring some of the South African winemaking knowledge to Texas in 1998. His daughters kept the legendary business running and still offer a luxurious experience to wine connoisseurs today.

The vineyard has an astounding 134 out of 164 five-star reviews on TripAdvisor. Visitors rave about their impressions of the vineyards, winery, distillery, and the amenities the winery offers, such as:

  • The Restaurant: The rustic, old-world feel of the restaurant is inviting and allows patrons to enjoy their delicious food in luxury. They could also while away the time sipping on one of the house wines or spirits.
  • Bed and Breakfast: An old stable for rescued Clydesdale horses converted into a cozy bed and breakfast for guests. The vintage-style rooms capture the essence of their origins. The staff can also satisfy visitors curious about the horses that first called the stables home.
  • The Grand Room: Here, wine lovers can learn more about the 100% Texan-made wines, spirits, and vinegar Kiepersol offers. Overlooking the vineyards, visitors could soak up their surroundings and feel immersed in the experience. Additionally, the available bistro menu follows the golden rules for food and wine pairing, giving guests a gastronomic experience enhanced by excellent wine selections.
  • The Club: Not only will members receive early access and discounts to the Kiepersol assortment of products, but they are also privy to many other perks. Shipment and delivery of their meticulously selected wines, classes in the Salt Kitchen, tours, and accommodation, among many other offers, make belonging to their club worthwhile.
  • Events: Join a behind-the-scenes tour of the winemaking process, charcuterie classes, chocolate, wine, or mixology classes. Expand your knowledge of wines and spirits. Learn to pair them with food and how to incorporate them into menus to wow your guests.

It is easy to see why Kiepersol ranks as one of the best Texas wineries. There is truly something for everyone and their friends to enjoy.

Last words

Although there are many more wineries to visit, these have standout features to grab anyone’s attention. Wine lovers looking for their next favorite shouldn’t pass by the opportunity to experience all these destinations and their attractions.


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