Cambodia Beer vs Angkor Beer

Because a beer is “popular” does not make it good. Point in case here would be Snow beer of China. Snow is the best selling beer in the world, and frankly it’s rank.

The best selling beer in Cambodia is Angkor Beer (not to be confused with Anchor Beer). Cambodia comes in second, whilst the really rough Ganzberg comes in at third.

Cambodia Beer

Much like in many places you can separate the expat from the tourist by what they drink. If expats in Cambodia want a can of beer, they get a can of Cambodia. Standard cost being 50 cents in a shop, or maybe 75 cents to a buck in a bar. It’s decent value, with many places also offering it on draft.

Which is better Angkor Beer or Cambodia Beer?

Cambodia Beer is better than Angkor Beer, but neither are really all that good. Essentially you’ll choose whichever beer is on draft, or if buying cans get Cambodia beer.

Angkor Beer

How can you win with Cambodia beer?

They have old school can tips that you rip off, underneath it says if you’ve won a free can, or not. Great promotion and I feel like I win a lot of free Cambodia beers!

Who make Cambodia Beer?

Khmer Beverages make Cambodia Beer alongside a number of other cool products.

They are part of the Chip Momg Group and the sworn enemies of Cambrew, makes of Angkor Beer.

What other great products do they have?

Cambodia Beer also produce Barrley Black Extra Stout, which isn’t bad and Kudo Lager Beer, which I’ve never tried.

BUT they do make Ize Cola a surprisingly strong entrant to #ColaWars. In fact was one of the first things I wrote about when I cane to Cambodia!

You can read about Ize Cola here.

And that is the take of Cambodia Beer or Kampuchea Beef as we call it here. Is Cambodia Beer the best beer in Cambodia? I the best mass produced beer, but that’s pretty much all I’d say.

Microbrewery Scene

There’s actually a great microbrewery scene here, with a lot of locals and foreigners making great beers. It probably deserves its own article, but if you’re in Phnom Peng head to Embargo Bar.

Oh and lastly it’s often served over ice! We talk more about that abomination here.

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