Prijedor – the City of Murals

This weekend I managed to get my country count up to 143 by having an AMAZING weekend in Bosnia, and more specifically Prijedor, or as they like to call it the city of murals.

I’ll go onto the music festival, drinking in the park, and a great day swimming at the lake later, but for now, let’s cover our tour of Prijedor.

Prijedor is located in the Republika Srpska, or Serb Republic, one of the two entities that make up Bosnia and Herzegovina. It has a population of 90,000 and has a very old-world countryside.

Our local friend who had been giving us “aggressive hospitality” – a truly great Serbian expression took us on a city tour.

Apparently, there were a few museums, largely related to World War 2 we could have visited, but alas it was Sunday, so that did not happen. We concentrated on the murals.

Although quick anecdote. I needed to buy some shorts, the shop owners were Chinese. We talked Chinese and they gave me a free lighter. After 13 years Chinese finally starts to pay off. I digress…

​The most famous mural in Prijedor – the guy wearing the hat was a communist. There’s a river​​ in there ​​and I forget an awful lot of the rest of the story.

Not really sure on this mural, but funky man riding a horse. Works for me.

The reason we’d come to Prijedor was a concert to honour this man, Poledi. I’d, therefore, decree this the coolest mural.

One day when we launch this will be the mascot.

Last but not the least some Serb nationalist stuff from Banja Luka!

Overall I was a huge fan of Prijedor, and it is way off the tourist trail (our taxi driver said we were the first foreigners he had ever seen in the town).

The Street Food Guy is all about getting off the beaten track, especially when it involves aggressive hospitality.

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