Learn How To Properly Take Care Of Your Boat In 2022

Proper Boat Maintenance Is An Important Skill To Learn

If you own a boat, then you must learn the basic maintenance skills to keep it in good condition. Unlike a car, you will have to be more consistent in your care for your boat. You will have to make it a point to take a look and see if the boat is fine and is operating smoothly.

Here are some top maintenance tips to keep in mind when you take care of your boat.

Keep It Clean

Keeping the boat clean, especially the exterior is critical. It not only keeps the boat looking shiny and sleek from the outside but also helps to prevent the spread of invasive species. Many times, a plant or animal can attach itself to the boat, so it is better to keep it clean at all times. Also, over time, the salt from the seawater will start to take a toll on the boat. It will easily start to erode and result in abrasions and scratches. Removing these can be expensive. Tiny scratches that are fresh can be removed using a polish like Quixx Plastic scratch remover. A clean boat works better compared to a dirty one which thereby reduces the fuel cost. Try to clean your boat on land rather than polluting the water. If you do have to wash it in water then use non-toxic substances.

Don’t Ignore Engine Maintenance

You may not have all the knowledge to maintain the motor and other mechanical parts of your boat. No matter where you are, you can always find a local company to take care of such parts and preserve the value of your boat. If you are in California, then you can look for a San Diego boat repair service online and book an appointment regularly. They can help you to flush out the motor to remove any sand, or dirt that has accumulated there. Other things that can be checked regularly include replacing burnt-out spark plugs, checking for water in the fuel tank, maintaining the oil level, and keeping the fuel line intact. If your boat is in saltwater, then the maintenance routine becomes all the more crucial as salt will increase the rate of corrosion. The battery of the boat should be maintained properly to ensure that it runs well. Batteries naturally degrade over time and neglecting it could be troublesome, especially if you are already out there sailing.

Store It Properly

To make sure your boat is weather protected, especially in the harsh winters, you must make the right arrangements to store it properly. In the winters, you should protect your boat from ice, snow, and rain and at the same time try to get some airflow through it so it doesn’t get damp or form mildew inside. In such weather conditions, another factor to keep in mind is that your boat will be inactive for a very long time again. Therefore, proper storing will help make sure that no parts are damaged and it will function properly when you want to sail on it again. You can store your boat with a professional shrink wrap if you want to keep it outdoors. If you want to keep it in an indoor space you can consider renting a storage unit. If you plan to leave it on water, then you must have processors attached that brings warmer water from the bottom to the top of the surface to protect your boat from ice.

Follow A Checklist Consistently

To be a proud owner of a boat, you must make it a point to look after your boat properly. Make a checklist and set a schedule to look after all the aspects of your boat. This will make sure to have the peace of mind that your boat is fully operational and you can enjoy your voyages. 

The most important parts to look after on your boat are the engine, propeller, batteries, bilge pump, electrical lines, filter for oil, and other fluid levels. Ignoring electrical lines on the boat can lead to a fire hazard. To make sure they are working properly you can check them with a digital multimeter. Keep a small toolbox with necessary items handy so you can do a few of the basic checks yourself. This will make you well-versed with how your boat works and you will be able to identify problems easily. 

Other than that, also keep the interior clean and have a first aid box handy for any emergencies. When you look after your boat in such a way, you will be a proud boat owner who can take many friends and loved ones on safe sea voyages and make happy memories.

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