5 reasons Belgrade rocks

Belgrade or Beograd depending on how you like to spell your cities is, without doubt, one of my favorite places on earth. I have been here countless times but seeing it in the height of summer puts a whole new meaning to things.

Here are the Street Food Guy’s top 5 things that make Belgrade rock!

5) Trams and buses are free

trams in Belgrade

OK, so I will disclaimer this and say OBVIOUSLY I did not ride on the trams and buses for free, but, well everyone seems to, and according to my Serbian friends, it is no big deal. I have to say free public transport is a pretty cool thing.

4) They have Rakia bars

I have written about Albanian Rakia, BUT the real McCoy is Serbian rakia. Rakia is like a religion here and several bars cater to the connoisseur of this fine beverage. Frankly, I was in heaven.

3) Great food

I like Balkan food a lot, and Belgrade does it best. Great restaurants, meat, bread, cheese, and of course the aforementioned Rakia! If you like food Belgrade is the place to be.

2) You can small indoors in Belgrade

Do you know that fascistic smoking ban they have everywhere? Not in Belgrade, in fact, bars and restaurants happily have signs advertising your right to smoke. If you are not into smoking and drinking, this probably isn’t the blog for you to be fair.

1)   Serbian people are awesome

I basically have a Serbian family who I have known and visited for 10 years, and I find them, and Serbians in general to be some of the most welcoming and hospitable people on earth. If you are lucky enough to make Serbian friends home-cooked food, and homemade rakia are a given!

That’s my 5 reasons Belgrade is great in the summer!

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