What do they do to celebrate the new year in Nauru?

How do you celebrate new year’s eve in Nauru? Well seeing as this is my third year in a row doing it, I consider myself somewhat an expert in the field!

Here’s new year, Nauru style!

Nauru is quite a Christian country that doesn’t have very many bars (there’s 4), so if you’re expecting Nauru to be Ibizaesque you might be setting yourself up for disappointment. That’s not to say it is without its charms though!

The best restaurant in Nauru?

The best restaurant in Nauru is Bayview, if it’s open (as in not sunday) then have dinner here before getting your freak on.

The Best New Year’s eve party in Nauru?

Meneng Hotel/Hotel Menem/Nauru Hotel is where the biggest new year’s eve countdown party is. Not only does most expats come, but lots of locals and all the tourists in the country.

How do you celebrate new year in Nauru?

Get drunk, dance to the Vengaboys, and jump in the pool fully clothed. it’s a thing in Nauru

Anything else?

At about 2 am grab a local and gate crash a party. It’s a thing, if you have the confidence.

2020 off to a storming start in Nauru!

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