Crowne Chicken Siem Reap

You’d think that with businesses generally closing and a lack of tourists this wouldn’t be the best time to open a restaurant, but that’s what these guys did!

From what I can gather crowne chicken are basically floor 2 of the building, but on the first floor they’ve now opened a Japanese restaurant. We like Japanese restaurants. The Japanese Restaurant part is literally called Japanese restaurant….

On our first trip there it had all the bounce and enthusiasm that you get with new ventures, including a free drink if you give them a Trip Advisor review. Obviously I duly obliged.

Seeing a Japanese boss and the liveliness of the staff made us excited to try the food, we duly ordered sashimi.

Crowne Chicken Siem Reap

’ll cut straight to the point on this one! This is not the best sashimi in the world, but this is Siem Reap, not Osaka. Now when you also factor in service and price, you really have nothing to complain about.

The best deal they offer though and essentially what keeps us coming back is the high balls. Basically you order a high-ball and you get a free plate of fried chicken. The chicken comes in 6 different flavours including kimchi! In all honesty at the rate we drink them at we stopped taking the free ones!

Aside from the sashimi, high balls, and chicken they also have all the other Japanese dishes you’d expect, as well as a few surprises.

Seeing bukkake on the menu and having the maturity of a 12 year old it was inevitable I tried it. If you’d like to know all about bukkake click here!

Crowne Chicken Siem Reap

Is Crowne Chicken the best Japanese restaurant in Siem Reap? It really probably isn’t, but it is certainly one of my personal favourite restaurants in the city.

High ball at Crowne Chicken

Come for the high balls with chicken, stay for the service. Street Food Guy firm thumbs up for Crowne Chicken Siem Reap.

Note – Sadly we have heard that as of October 2020 the restaurant has now closed. We sincerely hope it is not forever.

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