Nauru Travel Guide

As a frequent visitor to Nauru I have written a hell of a lot about the country, but I have noticed there is still very little in the way of a Nauru Travel Guide. I am half tempted to actually write a proper book, but for now I will attempt at an abridged online Nauru Guide.

Understanding Nauru

Nauru is a small country in the Pacific Ocean roughly halfway between Hawaii and Australia. It is one of the smallest and least inhabited countries in the world. The 10,000 people that do live in Nauru were previously the richest country in the world owing to phosphate reserves, sadly both the phosphates and the cash are long gone. Principal industries are now housing refugees and selling fishing rights.

Oh and did we mention Nauru is the least visited country in the world, well it is….

Getting to Nauru

Unless you fancy stowing away on a shipping container then the only way to get to Nauru is by flying with Nauru Airlines who stop here a few times a week (in normal times).

Check out Nauru Airlines here.

The country is linked to the Federated States of Micronesia, Kiribati, Solomon Islands, the Marshall Islands and Australia via Nauru Airlines.

Getting Around Nauru

You can literally walk around the islands in under 4 hours! Alternatively rent a bike, a car, or get the wonderful Hotel Menem to provide you with a bus!

What is there to see and do in Nauru?

As a country that gets less than 100 tourists a year you’d not be supirised that theres hardly an eclectic amount of things to do in Nauru, but in our opinion at least theres enough for 4-5 days.

  • World War 2 Relics – there is an old Japanese prison, pill boxes and a big old gun that needs hiking to.
  • Dark Tourism in Nauru – Go visit the abandoned stuff related to the former phosphate industry. Theres also all the areas related to the detention centers that are pretty dark
  • Go fishing! – You can arrange fishing trips from Cappelle Supermarket THE supermarket in Nauru.
  • Nauru Pub Crawl – I’m happy about this as I invented it. Go to all 4 pubs, well three pubs and one “club” in one day.
  • Visit the cave in Nauru – A bit dirty outside and you will need lighting, but super cool water inside and a great experience.
  • Walk around Nauru – Not much to explain there really!.

Hotels in Nauru

There are 4 hotels in Nauru which I will list best to worst!

  1. Hotel Menem – Also known as the Hotel Nauru it has a bar, a bus and driver that can rented and one of the only non-Chinese restaurants on the island. A very state run hotel, but the best that they have. I have spent 3 New Years Eve here!
  2. Cappelle – Apparently there are now rooms at the Cappelle. I have yet to stay there, but they look nice from the outside and you have a cafe and supermarket underneath,
  3. Od’n Aiwo Hotel – It does not get much more rustic than this! Very retro, but they have a bar with Pokeys and a decent restaurant (Chinese).
  4. Hotel Budapest – Don’t stay here. Nice rooms, but middle of nowhere and terrible service.

Eating in Nauru

I have written an in-depth guide to the dining in Nauru, which you can read here, but to cut a long story short there are about 140 Chinese restaurants in Nauru, there are only 10,000 people in Nauru.

Chinese food in Nauru

Tends to be of the Guangdong variety and be very heavy on noodles. It is not exactly good Chinese food. Many restaurants will though serve raw tuna with Chinese spices that are pretty good.

The only two Chinese restaurants that I liked were Anabare Bay Restaurant, who also serve western food and rum and coke! And the restaurant at the Od’n Aiwo Hotel who have beer at all times as well as a very big Chinese menu.

Bars and Restaurants in Nauru

Bayview Restaurant in Nauru

The best restaurant in Nauru by a country mile is Bayview Restaurant located near Anabare Bay. A very eclectic menu with good curries and burgers to name but a few dishes! Weirdly they rarely have raw tuna, the one thing abundant on the island!

Hotel Menem Restaurant

Not quite as good as Bayview, but hey it is the only other western restaurant, like literally. Good selection of Asian dishes as well as things like burger. For groups you can arrange for them

Jules on Deck

This place doesn’t serve food and seems to open sporadically and when it wants to, but it is great place for s sunset, has occasional live music and they even have their own cocktail. This is the home of the Nauru Sunset!

Od’n Aiwo Bar

Pool table, slots/pokeys and not much else. Still as one of the only bars on the island its worth a look.

Reef Bar At Hotel Menem

This is the one nightclub! Kinda. They stay open until 12 Mon-Fri and 10 on Saturday. Not open on holidays, or Sundays. Get your beers and sit outside. Occasional karaoke and usually rammed on a Friday night.

Therefore the holy grail that is the Nauru pub crawl starts at the Od’n Aiwo for a beer, then Jules for sunset, followed by dinner and few Gin and Tonics at Bayview before finishing at reef bar!

And that is the Ultimate Guide to Nauru!

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