Queensborough – Isle of Sheppey

Hopefully, you’re an avid ready of my blog and have read my guide to the Isle of Sheppey. If you’re not, firstly, you should be, but the stand out the place I found on my latest Isle of Sheppey jaunt was the quaint little town of Queensborough (not Queensboro – we are English).

Whats the story with Queenborough, Isle of Sheppey?

When you drive onto Sheppey and assuming you head towards the east side of the island, rather than west to Leysdown-On-Sea, then Queensborough is the first major settlement you will find in Sheppey. I exclude Rushenden on this because we couldn’t find it! And apparently, it involves a hike. One of the two train stations on the Isle of Sheppey is here, and it has shops and stuff.

Can you drink in Queensborough?

Pubs might be closing at an alarming rate in the UK, but we counted 5 pubs here (old school pubs), which includes the Flying Dutchmen, which is pretty huge and is apparently famous for its restaurant serving fresh fish.

And they have a Micropub?

Micro pubs are the future of pubs in the UK, and something I will definitely cover in more detail at a later date! The Trafalgar Court Micropub was voted micropub of the year in 2019, beating the Strood micro pub into second place (which is next to my mum’s house). On my first visit it was closed (we got to look around), but on round two we got to sample the liquid delights. The Trafalgar Court in Queensborough not only has an amazing drinks menu, but also do food, have events, but most importantly has that pub from a bygone era. In the same complex (I’ll assume same owners) is the Mint And Chocolate Eatery, which did a pretty spot on cheesecake when I was there.

Is there other stuff to do in Queensborough?

There’s a little mooring for boats to dock, there’s pubs, a seawall, and a great view of Kingsnorth, the power station on the Isle of Grain.

Overall Queensborough is just a nice little town to stop off on when you visit the Isle of Sheppey, with it feeling like a nice version of a bygone English era.

If you visit the Isle of Sheppey, the Street Food Guy says stop in Queensborough!

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