Mega Tours and Travel (2022)

Will there be mega tours and travel for 2022?

Few would argue that this year has been somewhat the clusterfuck and that sadly our chances of doing any meaningful travel are pretty much slim to none.

But, the world cannot continue like this forever! In fact you’d hope that things either get back to normal, or we just throw our lot in on a rogue survival kit and enter a mass state of lack of food/28 days later style zombie apocalypse.

Obviously I am hoping for the former,  but very much preparing for the later. With this in mind I have set up my hypothetical list of Mega Tours and Travel that I am tentatively planning, either with YPT, LBI, or flying solo.

Epic Travel and Tours 2022

Belize, Coffee Island and the Principality of Islandia – January 2022

Belize is going to be one of the first countries in the region to re-open to tourists in August. This also means that the island we purchased through Let’s Buy An Island will also be available for us to visit. I am genuinely sad I have yet to visit “my” island and hope to visit as early as possible next year. Ideally we can arrange a mega tour involving as many investors and citizens as possible.

West and East Timor

east timor

Theoretically in April and May I should be traveling to West Timor overland. This is a trip very dear to my heart, but alas one that got cancelled, much like everything else due to COVID-19. This is a mega tour and travel highlight for me (should the world have recovered).

Dark Tourism in Cambodia

If you have read my guide to Along Veng you may have seen the epic images of the last base of the Khmer Rouge. Of course Cambodia has much to offer than just dark tourism (I know I live here), but we feel we have designed the perfect YPT trip with this, beauty and a whole heap of darkness.

Bir Tawil

You can read about our epic trip to Bir Tawil here, or better still buy the book about it here. Every September we take a group to Sudan and it is very much our hope to be able to again add Bir Tawil, the only unclaimed piece of land to the earth to that list. Whether this happens, or not we shall see.

North Korea

Although I had reduced myself to only visiting North Korea once per year, or so having that ability now taken away from me has been a real kick in the balls to both myself and indeed YPT. Sadly North Korea is likely to be one of the last countries open to tourism, but I have set myself the personal goal of being there for the Rason Trade Fair 2021.

Island Hopping in Palawan

It looks distinctly likely that this will be the first year in 8 that I will not be pitched on a boat and island hopping around El Nido in Northern Palawan. Not our most adventurous of trips, but Palawan Island hopping should be on most peoples bucket lists in my mind.

Visiting Antarctica – December 2022

The most epic of our mega tours and travel list for 2021. Is Antarctica a country? No it is not, but it is a bloody big continent and one of the best tours for 2021. When it comes to epic images nothing quite beats taking pictures of whales with the backdrop of ice-bergs.

And that is my 2021 wish-list, perhaps it is hopeful, but I truly believe we can get our mega tours and travel hats back on next year.

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