Tips for Traveling to Antarctica

With YPT again going to Antarctica in 2021 I am reminded of my first trip there almost 6 years ago. I’ll say it was a pretty stressful trip to organize, but from the perspective of taking part? Breathtaking.

Here’s my top tips to traveling of course eating in Antarctica.

No all cruises to Antarctica are created equal

There is a famous story that you can turn up in Ushuaia and just wait for a place to come available on a cruise I have no doubt this is true, but cruses and indeed groups are very different. Do you want to be stuck on a Norwegian cruise full of geriatrics? A tour to Antarctica is about more than money.

Check the itinerary and go with the right people

For me Antarctica was amazing, but it is not for everyone. You will spend a lot of time at sea, the Drake passage can be unforgiving and you gonna be looking at an awful to of ice-bergs. If you are going to spend lots of time at sea it is important to be around people you will have fun with.

Penguins, ice-bergs and walruses galore

I’m not gonna lie, but you gonna get bored of penguins. Even if you see different kinds, they still just penguins. Ice-bergs on the other hand I found amazing. Oh and it doesn’t get dark.

Always go ashore

We got to stop at a British post office in Antarctica, some old Argentinian bases and one of the most amazing things I have seen in my life deception island. Oh and you can do the “polar plunge”, although this takes a very brave man to do it nude!!! It is not warm in those waters.

Stock up in Ushuaia

Ushuaia is the most southern city in the world and even in the summer it is grim. Amazingly for such a small place it has two rather bad Irish bars. You can though stock up on booze as well as buy any last minute equipment that you might need for the trip.

And that is my very small guide to traveling in Antarctica. Oh one last point there is no street food in Antarctica, although your crew might do a BBQ.

Check out our 2021 tour to see Antarctica for yourself.

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