State of mass lack of food

stockpiling food because of covid

Whilst the coronavirus pandemic has been the biggest event to affect the planet since World War 2, in real terms the planet has still managed to function as normal. But what if COVID-19 mutates and things get worse. How would we cope with a state of mass lack of food? AKA lack of access to food, or even famine.

Here is the Street Food Guy food survival guide.

Rogue Survival Kit

Whilst stockpiling food is generally frowned upon, you can still create a rogue survival kit of long lasting stuff that will get you through any short-term state of a mass lack of food.

Suggested items:

Rahman Noodles – Rahman noodles might be something that brings back student memory days, rather than find dining, but they are cheap, do not need much space, are full of salt and protein and merely need hot water to make them eatable. In fact they can even be eaten without hot-water. You’d need more than this to survive long-term, but they make a great first step.

Tinned goods – Famous tinned goods like corned beef and spam were literally invented for their longevity, this is why they are still so popular in the Pacific Islands. And whilst they are now most associated with obesity contain high amounts of fat and energy essentials during a state of mass lack of food.

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Water purifying tablets – A seemingly obvious one, but humans cannot survive without water. When there is a state of mass lack of food this is usually accompanied by a lack of water. Water purification tablets will change bad into good water.

Sufficient medicine – Visit a clinic pharmacy to stock up on relevant vitamins and medicines. As stated decent water is likely to be one of the first things to go, therefore diarrhea tablets are essential. Getting sick is the worst thing that can happen during a state of a mass lack of food. It is also worth investing in multi-vitamins, as well as vitamin C and other vitamins you tend to get from fruits. Depending on the limits of your clinic pharmacy true to get antibiotics such as amoxycillin.

And that is the first in our series of our rogue survival kit selection in case of a state of mass lack of food.

Stay tuned fo further updates n how to survive the post-apocalyptic world.

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