Shunhua – Fast Food in Foshan

Foshan East Railway station is the usual metropolis fast train station that you find in China, all good except there is pretty much nothing here. Like at all. Most of the new brand of superstations in China have McDonald’s, KFC, and a smattering of local variety type fast-food restaurants, such as good old Bruce Lee Restaurant. You can read my take on the Chinese fast food scene here.

Foshan East Station had lots of convenience style stores that were fairly threadbare, and the closest thing I could find to food. Shunhua. I went in and looked at the menu, unimpressed would not be the word. I left and realized I was in fact still hungry, and not eating would in no way solved the main issue of the day thus far. I went back into Shunhua.

The menu did not have any English, and it would not overly surprise me if I was the first “lao wai” to enter the establishment. The menu consisted mainly of meat and soupy noodle dishes, a few vegetable ones, and some mushroom disaster. 

I’m not at all a fan of soupy noodles, but in the dire straits I went for the safe option of the Shunhua Beef Noodles – nu rou mein.

It duly arrived in the disappointing fashion that I expected. There were exactly three pieces of meat, watery soup, and spaghetti-style noodles, and peanuts (yes that is a thing here).

I did my best to improve on this culinary abortion by adding a ton of spice or “la” as the locals call it. It ended up palatable, and hunger meant I did not only finish it, but drank the peanut watery broth as well.

The one saving grace was the salted duck egg I also purchased. Now to summarize Shunhua at Foshan Train Station is not all that great, and at $6 not even cheap!

With hindsight shouldn’t have got drunk and skipped the Hilton Breakfast.

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