Nightlife of Tuvalu

Tuvalu is my favourite country, it’s hard to pinpoint exactly why as there are so many factors that contribute to it, but it is basically as close to paradise as anywhere I’ve been on the planet. I’ll add I’ve been to 153 countries.

Funafuti is the capital island, and as of now the only (major) island I’ve visited. Here are my top tips for nightlife in Funafuti.

Eating in Funafuti

There’s basically 5-6 restaurants in Funafuti so it’s not exactly eclectic! Probably the most famous is the Chinese restaurant 3T’s. Personally I’m not a huge fan, the food is so-so, and the service somewhat surly! Underneath though is probably the islands only “local” restaurant Avarau Café, run by the wonderful Marriane. Great food, and amazing people. There’s also Funafuti Lagoon Hotel, which not only has a great restaurant but also regularly hosts parties which often include some Tuvalan dancing. Shake those pacific asses!

Drinking in Funafuti

There used to basically be one bar, but there’s kind of three now. There’s a new beach bar on the far side of the island (not the rubbish dump), which is decent. There’s the hotel bar at Funafuti Lagoon Hotel, which can be interesting depending on who is staying at the hotel, and then there’s Tefota! Tefota is a store, a bottle shop, and a bar/club type thing. It’s hardly Ibiza, but it’s a cool island vibe, and a good place to meet people.

And then there are private parties, Tuvalans like to drink and dance, they’re all very friendly, so go make some friends and get your party on in the place!

Funafuti is hardly a party capital, but it really is hard not to have fun when you’re basically in paradise.

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