5 Reasons I love Tuvalu

It’s that time again when I get my explorers hat on and lead a group of revelers throughout the Pacific Islands.

Long story short, my favourite country in the Pacific Islands (and perhaps the world) is Tuvalu. Reasons, why I love Tuvalu, are multiple, so here are a quick 5 reasons why I think you should visit the country

5) I’m on the Hall of Shame of a bar

The main bar in Funafuti has a wall of shame, and I managed to get myself on there. Actually I didn’t anything all that interesting, but I feel special being there anyway!

4) You can motorbike down the airport

There is probably nothing cooler I have ever done than speed down the runway of the airport in Tuvalu, AND got stopped by the police. I’m fairly sure Funafuti is the only place in the world you can do this.

3) Island Hopping Tuvalu style

Get some food, grab some beers, rent a boat and head on out to one of the many atolls and party the day away! There are a few within reach of Funafuti, and this makes a cracking day trip.

2) Funafuti Lagoon Hotel

The main hotel in Funafuti is also a bit of a social hub, with them hosting weddings, and showcasing some foxy Tuvaluan dancing. They also have a bar. I think this is important to point out here.

1) Drive around Funafuti

Locals and foreigners alike, driving around the capital of Funafuti seems to be the thing to do in Tuvalu! Drive around, talk to people, explore the beaches, and simply suck up the atmosphere of the 3rd least visited country on earth.

And for the bruce’s extra bonus? The people are Tuvalu genuinely are some of the nicest in the world. Tuvalu might just well be paradise.

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