Riverboat Ride in Phnom Penh

What is it like to take a riverboat ride in Phnom Penh?

A riverboat ride in Phnom Penh you say? Phnom Penh is quite the eclectic city, with everything from upscale resorts to grimy girly bars, and right at the center of this madness? The beautiful Mekong River. Of a night time the place comes alive as Phnom Pengers head for the relatively cool breezes, outdoor activities and of course street food.

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What is the riverside in Phnom Penh like?

To get a full understanding of what it is like to hang by the riverside, you can read my previous blog. But, as stated the place comes alive at night, with the later it getting, the crazier it gets. You will get offered everything from noodles to “friendly ladies”, but you will also notice and indeed get offered a chance to take a riverboat ride?

What is the Phnom Penh Riverboat ride?

It’s quite as simple as it sounds, there are loads of boats that make their money by taking locals and barang alike on (short) pleasure cruises along the Mekong. Fit with refreshments (depending on the boat) and load, usually bad music. All good so far?

Riverboat ride in Phnom Penh

How much is a riverboat ride on the Mekong and how long does it last?

One of the most annoying things about doing literally anything in Cambodia is the dual pricing. Whilst I am fully OK with Khmer people getting free entry into museums, when they try to charge you 20 X the local price it can piss off. In the end the Khmer price was $1.25 and the foreigner price $2. Down from $5 might I add.

The journey took about 40 minutes and essentially involves a little stroll around the peninsula before coming back. Apparently in the old days they went further, but hey these be corona times, and I do not mean he fine Mexican beer that comes with a lime.

Is it worth taking the riverboat cruise?

In these strange days, when there is not all that much to do I quite enjoyed the solitude and view of the boat ride. Would I have enjoyed it as much had it been $5? Probably not, so get ready to either bargain, or have a Khmer do it on your behalf.

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