Checkpoint Charlie Phnom Penh – Commie Vibes

Checkpoint Charlie Phnom Penh has been an institution of sorts since it was first opened 5 years ago, famous as much for it’s decor as it is for its eccentric owner and ambience.

I was led to CheckPoint Charlie Phnom Penh after we fancied a change from one of our regular haunts. I had mentioned to a friend how after the closing of Jungle Cat there was now a lack of Slavic food in the capital, he suggested this place owned by a Hungarian chap.

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Checkpoint Charlie Phnom Penh and the Commie vibes

Checkpoint Charlie Phnom Penh
Checkpoint Charlie Phnom Penh

It is of course named after Checkpoint Charlie which separated West Berlin from East Berlin and East Germany. The artwork on the outside shows this and you could call it a communist chic kind of bar, kinda.

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The owner is Hungarian and of a vintage that i’d guess he remembers the red era, although we did not get into it too much.

Checkpoint Charlie Phnom Penh – a local bar

There is currently an alcohol ban in Phnom Penh, so one cannot write much about the bar here. I will though say it seems to have a loyal clientele. The owner is somewhat unique and a bit of a character. I asked about cigarettes and got quite the kurt reply.

He is though well known and I guess some people dig this kind of atmosphere.

Really a rather good hot-dog

There’s a big thing at the moment about Koh Kong sausages, which are western style sausages made in Koh Kong. I am no fan of Koh Kong, but these sausages are quite amazing. At some point they shall get their own article.

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Checkpoint Charlie Phnom penh sell a big hot-dog in baguette for $3, you really cannot argue with that logic.

Checkpoint Charlie Phnom Penh, come for the Hot-Dogs, stay for the “service”

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