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Where can you get Ukrainian food in Phnom Penh? You can get Ukrainian food at Jungle Cat!

Its been a long time since I had Ukrainian food, and that’s because the last time I had it I was in the Ukraine! Overall I’m a huge fan of Slavic food, but the only thing close to it I had found so far was at Danube Restaurant in Siem Reap.

Jungle Cat Phnom Penh

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Jungle Cat Phnom Penh is located almost on the riverside on street 110 in Phnom Penh. For those not experts in the area this means it is in girly bar central!

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I discovered it whilst walking past when a Slavic voice said “You want try Ukrainian food”. You had me at Slavic voice…..

Welcome shot!

I was presented with a cherry vodka type shot on arrival, a smart move as it meant politeness would now dictate that I had to stay there.

Horseradish moonshine

moonshine at Jungle Cat

Apparently they make their own moonshine, which is basically infused vodka. I went for a horseradish moonshine, which was served with a pickle. You really cannot argue with that! Having a vodka shot and either pickle, or a herring to chase it with is very Russian/Ukrainian.

The menu at Jungle Cat Phnom Penh

food at Jungle Cat Cambodia

Everything you’d expect from a Ukrainian restaurant, such as borsch and dishes that consist of lard. I once had a plate of fat in a restaurant in Kiev. It is a thing. I personally went for salted salmon and a shot of the plum moonshine.

plum moonshine at Jungle Cat Phnom Penh

Overall a decent meal, great service from the very pretty Ukrainian lady, and the sheer joy of hearing the varied clientele chattering away in Russian and Ukrainian. This really was like a holiday from Cambodia.

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I’ve since been back times, as whenever you walk past the big owner shouts at you to come in.

The best Ukrainian restaurant in Phnom Penh? Jungle Cat you are the winners! But Jungle Cat is much more than just a great Ukrainian restaurant, it’s just a really nice place. Come here for the moonshine and stay for the great service and atmosphere.

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